People Who Rely Of the Forgiveness of God, But Ignore His Commands and Prohibitions

Most people do this and forget that god punishment painful stimulation. His punishment will not be able to be rejected by the sinner. those who rely on the forgiveness of God by remaining committed sin and he is the opponent. There is a saying which says that "hope in the goodness of someone who does not obey you is an insult and ignorance.
How could this happen?. The above is contrary to reason and our conscience. But we still have to pay attention to the reality that exists and trying to justify it even though it was very hard for us.

You can imagine that employees who are supposed to obey you, hope that you forgive any mistakes they did. Whereas they did not obey your orders and violate your ban. Then the true expression of the above that what they're doing is an insult to you and they deserved it referred to as the ignorant.

What can we believe is that what we are doing good truth or error, we still have to stand on the forgiveness of God by keeping His command and prohibition. This is my opinion, what about you?.
Don't ever give up to repair your heart

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