We return to the question posed at the beginning of this book is about mental illness medications if the drugs did not exist, will be corrupted world and the next man.
Before elaborated further we need to realize that the sins of sinners are extremely dangerous dab. Danger to the soul of sin and sinners are like the dangers of toxins to the body at different rates - ranging. All the evils that befall man in this world and the Hereafter is none other than because sinners. What Adam and Eve out of heaven of bliss and beauty, into a world filled with prisoners, suffering, and sadness. No other is a sin. What the devil out of the kingdom of heaven, a throw, cursed, make the worst shape, replaced by heaven to hell, to be replaced grace curse, so he became the leader of every sinner.
Finally Satan kebatilan blessings with leaders and crime experts after his previous post as leader of worship and virtue.
What causes people drowned in floods ever get to the top of the mountain? What caused the strong winds that destroyed the 'Aad like winds that knock down old palm tree? What causes lightning Thamood to destroy their hearts? What country of the Lot lifted up when the angels heard the howling of dogs, the angels who turned the land over to the bottom? then God destroyed them all with stones from the sky.
the Hereafter is none other than because sinners


People Who Rely Of the Forgiveness of God, But Ignore His Commands and Prohibitions

Most people do this and forget that god punishment painful stimulation. His punishment will not be able to be rejected by the sinner. those who rely on the forgiveness of God by remaining committed sin and he is the opponent. There is a saying which says that "hope in the goodness of someone who does not obey you is an insult and ignorance.
How could this happen?. The above is contrary to reason and our conscience. But we still have to pay attention to the reality that exists and trying to justify it even though it was very hard for us.

You can imagine that employees who are supposed to obey you, hope that you forgive any mistakes they did. Whereas they did not obey your orders and violate your ban. Then the true expression of the above that what they're doing is an insult to you and they deserved it referred to as the ignorant.

What can we believe is that what we are doing good truth or error, we still have to stand on the forgiveness of God by keeping His command and prohibition. This is my opinion, what about you?.
Don't ever give up to repair your heart


Between of pray and destiny Part 2

If you are destined to have children, then it will happen, whether you fuck your wife or not. and if you are not destined to have children, then you do not need to marry.So if the thought of people like this can we justify?. we understand that to get everything requires an effort that will be because the realization of our desires. I want to show is that the prayer has not little influence on every business that we do. besides the correct answer to the problem above is as follows: something that is destined to happen because of reasons. because it is prayer. a fate happening - not stand alone without cause. while someone did cause, then something is definitely happening. if someone does not do the cause, then something is not going to happen. and no cause whose power exceeds the power of prayer.I wanted to show everyone who wants to improve his heart to always pray with all my heart and believe that the power of prayer is the most powerful force among all causes. and for those who do not believe so, you should be aware of and reflect on some of the examples above. that everything happens because of many reasons. once again, nothing can exceed the power of prayer in the cause of an event.


Between of pray and destiny

This is the problem that people talk about crowded. if something that prompted a person in prayer is destined to happen, then something will happen, whether or not the person praying. if something is not destined to happen. then something is not going to happen whether requested or not.
A party of people justifying this question, then assume valid if we left the prayer, because there is no point in praying. this group because of the ignorance that causes straying too and contradictions of opinion. because, if we accept those assumptions, then we should abandon all efforts that are cause and effect is done by humans.
Ask them, if satiety and loss of thirst is something that has been predestined and must occur, whether they are still going to eat? if both are not destined to happen, then stuffed and loss of thirst is not going to happen, whether they eat or not.