Between of pray and destiny Part 2

If you are destined to have children, then it will happen, whether you fuck your wife or not. and if you are not destined to have children, then you do not need to marry.So if the thought of people like this can we justify?. we understand that to get everything requires an effort that will be because the realization of our desires. I want to show is that the prayer has not little influence on every business that we do. besides the correct answer to the problem above is as follows: something that is destined to happen because of reasons. because it is prayer. a fate happening - not stand alone without cause. while someone did cause, then something is definitely happening. if someone does not do the cause, then something is not going to happen. and no cause whose power exceeds the power of prayer.I wanted to show everyone who wants to improve his heart to always pray with all my heart and believe that the power of prayer is the most powerful force among all causes. and for those who do not believe so, you should be aware of and reflect on some of the examples above. that everything happens because of many reasons. once again, nothing can exceed the power of prayer in the cause of an event.

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