We return to the question posed at the beginning of this book is about mental illness medications if the drugs did not exist, will be corrupted world and the next man.
Before elaborated further we need to realize that the sins of sinners are extremely dangerous dab. Danger to the soul of sin and sinners are like the dangers of toxins to the body at different rates - ranging. All the evils that befall man in this world and the Hereafter is none other than because sinners. What Adam and Eve out of heaven of bliss and beauty, into a world filled with prisoners, suffering, and sadness. No other is a sin. What the devil out of the kingdom of heaven, a throw, cursed, make the worst shape, replaced by heaven to hell, to be replaced grace curse, so he became the leader of every sinner.
Finally Satan kebatilan blessings with leaders and crime experts after his previous post as leader of worship and virtue.
What causes people drowned in floods ever get to the top of the mountain? What caused the strong winds that destroyed the 'Aad like winds that knock down old palm tree? What causes lightning Thamood to destroy their hearts? What country of the Lot lifted up when the angels heard the howling of dogs, the angels who turned the land over to the bottom? then God destroyed them all with stones from the sky.
the Hereafter is none other than because sinners