Prayer is the most beneficial drugs. prayer is the opposite of illness and misfortune. Prayer will resist, resolve, prevent the arrival, eliminate or alleviate the disease if it happened. Prayer is the weapon of people who believe in god.

Against distress, prayer has three conditions, namely:
First, prayer is more powerful than the distress that can beat him
The second, much weaker than the distress of prayer so that prayer undefeated and as a result of a servant or a disease calamity strikes. but sometimes a prayer in this case relieve the disease, although levels are weak.
Third, prayer and distress same - equally strong. so happens to outdo each other.

Including prayer which is useful when done with the mean - really. Thing to remember is that the barrier wish come true prayer. Barrier one wish come true prayer is a rush in to pray. So if the desire was not granted he complained and left the prayer. Whereas those who pray, like planting seeds that must always be guarded, nurtured, and watered. Therefore, if he left the prayer, he did leave the plant without watering again.

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