Prayer Condition

Most practiced prayer and granted some people because god is accompanied by a recessive condition of the people who prayed to the gods and composure because virtue has ever done, so the gods in return as a gesture of thanks. besides it is also because the prayer was done at the time that is granted or because of other conditions. things like this like a man who uses drugs to heal in a timely manner and in a timely manner also, so the drug benefit. but there are also some people who think that the secret wish come true prayer is because prayer is the pronunciation. consequently he did not notice requirement to pray the foregoing. These people think that the properties of the drug because of drug or drug content only, without considering other factors.
this is where many errors. like people who are in conditions of urgency, then pray at a grave, and his prayer was granted. Other people then thought that the secret is in the cemetery, which was due to factors prayerful urgency and sincerity back to god. but then, if the prayer is done in the house of god, then it is better.

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